Time Travel Challenge

“Have a fun gal night, Mare?”

Maredith shrugged her shoulders. “Bit of a stretch, dad. Study group isn’t really my idea of a good time.”

Dad frowned. “Sorry sweetie. Well, I’m off to bed. You better get some shut eye, too. All that studying won’t do you any good if your brain’s not workin’ tomorrow.”

She smiled. “Okay, dad. Goodnight.”

“G’night! Love ya, Mare.”

Maredith flopped onto the sofa. She waited for dad to go upstairs before she turned on the TV. Monday night football, tied late in the 4th quarter. Nice.

She rubbed her feet. Her body was tired, but she wasn’t sleepy. She’d blown off study group to go to a party. She was wired.

End of the 4th quarter, headed to overtime.

Maredith sat up with start. She wasn’t the same Maredith she had been five second before. It had worked. She was back in her teenage body, with all the memories of her 40-year-old self.

She remembered the football game. The home team had returned the kickoff at the beginning of OT for a game-winning touchdown. The date was right: it was the night before the test. As a kid, she hadn’t realized how important it would be. How her bad score would mean ending up at a safety school.

This time would be different. She’d memorized every answer from that test. When she closed her eyes, she could see the scantron sheet: C, B, A, A, D, …. She would get a perfect score, and everything would be different this time.

Tails. The visitors won the coin toss. Strange.  But no matter.

She watched the rest of the game. The home team still ended up winning, but it took longer than she remembered. Finally, she went to bed.

The next morning, her Professor randomly shuffled the order of questions, and printed the test.


Image source: http://frontporchdenver.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/2/2012/08/coin-flip-2.jpeg