Future Election Challenge

Vote for a Better Tomorrow!

Write a 1,000-word flash fiction story which chronicles a US presidential candidate in the future.

Challenge Parameters:

Theme Dystopian/Utopian Fiction
Word Count up to 1,000
Required Phrase “That’s the way it’s always been.”
Setting United States
Time period 2116, exactly 100 years into the future
Genre  Science fiction

2016 is shaping up to be crazy election year in the Unites States!  Cries of corporate oligarchy, authoritarian fascism, socialism, and more are flying back and forth between the candidates as well as between debaters on social media and in the press.  No matter how the election in November plays out, this election sets the stage for our future.  What will it be?  This is what we’ve asked out authors to explore.  What will the United States, and the world, look like in 100 years during another election year?  Come check out these Election Flash Fiction stories.

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Future Election Flash Challenge Submissions