Lost Earth Hypertext Challenge

An alien armada appears in the Oort cloud and bears inexorably towards Earth, with terrible and ill intent. This is the premise of the science fiction story/haibun “The Day We Lost Earth,” by Ron Sparks.  Join the Flash Challenge!  Here is what you must do:

  1. Read the story “The Day We Lost Earth.”
  2. Choose a favorite phrase or sentence from the story.
  3. Write a Flash Fiction story here, with the following parameters:
    • Genre: Science fiction
    • Word Count: 500 – 1000
    • Time Period: The Future
    • Required Phrase: The phrase/sentence you selected in step 2.
    • Hypertext Requirement: You must hyperlink your entire phrase/sentence to the story. Use this URL: http://www.ronsparks.com/day-lost-earth/
    • Setting: Anywhere in the same universe as “The Day We Lost Earth.” You are writing a story in this universe.

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Challenge Submissions

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