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    Drew Claar

    I am new here and have only allowed a limited number of people access to anything I have written that was fiction. I decided it is time to branch out and put myself out there. I love Fantasy but I am also a huge fan of Serial Killer fiction. I will post some stuff as soon as I get a chance to write. I think I will use this forum for the Serial Killer series I have been thinking of working on for now and see what you guys think.


    Ron Sparks

    OOohhh – serial killer fiction! This sounds VERY interesting. We can do a challenge along those lines as well if you want. We’d just need your help defining it. Can’t wait to write with you Drew!


    Welcome Drew Nice to meet a kindred serial killer lover. I’m pleased to hear you’re venturing out to connect with other writers. While I haven’t written any myself, would love to read yours – and YES, Ron! Another challenge along those lines would be great.



    Hey Drew! Welcome! I was just telling Ron the other day … you know what this place needs? Serial killer fiction. And then BAM!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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